31 March 2012

model-making fun

Before the degree show in ECA, we have this opportunity to show in the foyer of Talbot Rice Gallery. After discussing for several times, we came up with this idea that dressing-up that space into different foyers. However, it is not that easy to do it in life-size so we decided to make a model of the foyer and each person can arrange his/her own interpretation of foyer. The end product will be prints and video and will show in that space.

Sander built the structure of the whole model which was perfectly made before he went to Japan. Then I helped Lindsay and Despina to do more details and decoration. It's so good to work with them!!!

Some photos of the process :)


27 March 2012

casting plan (05)

After finishing the first round of bronze trash-making, I started to think about how to display them. And then I traced back to the concept of this project. The trash I chose was those would appear on streets rather than the garbage from our domestic environment. Those materials are cheap and designed for discarding easily. By changing those materials into bronze, you can't just discard them at will because of their value or their weight. In addition, the reason that I twisted them is trying to suggest they had been used and not only brand new products. I attempted to increase the value of trash.

In terms of display, I once thought of using plinth to show them. However, plinth will also elevate the value of objects but I think bronze has already suggested that idea. Also, these objects should be on the ground according to their nature. I think I will place them on the floor but at the same time I am still not sure about the further details for showing them. Need to come up with some ideas!!!

Today is the second round of bronze-pouring. Taking pictures of my bronze trash with those trashy(but expensive) bronze right before the pouring.

Just signed up for the very last triad next tuesday with Kenny, Niall and Allie. Hope I can get some ideas about display from the triad.


26 March 2012

casting plan (04) banana challenge

One of my object for trash-making is banana peel. After talking to John, he also thought this would be the most challenging one because the peel was very thin and the shape was curvy. The liquid bronze maybe won't go through the whole mould. However I still want to try it. At the same time, I look up online to see if there are some artworks about banana peel. Surprisingly I find some interesting images and works of banana peel.

There was a giant banana peel in Copenhagen. It was part of a campaign for keeping Copenhagen clean. The sticker says "Ren by: Det er en kunst att holde byen ren" which means "Clean city: It is an art to keep the city clean." ( via Flickr: Aprile C )

Five days later, it became another trash somehow make the city dirty. How ironic! ( via Flickr: Johannesen )

Banana Peel Installation by Adriana Lara at the New Museum's 'The Generational: Younger Than Jesus' Show (food art), 2009. For the banana peel installation, a museum employee is instructed to eat a banana each morning and discard the peel somewhere in the exhibition space, and, appropriately, there's a security guard always hovering nearby to protect it.

During the show, a visiter even kicked the banana peel away. The contrast of the trash and artwork and the fine line between these two different polars was very interesting and obvious by this accident. ( via EAT ME DAILY )

A jewellery collection inspired by banana peel was designed by McGowan and McClain. 

I think this is the most famous banana and its peel in the world...


by Andy Warhol

Shattered Banana Peel by the artist Brock Davis. This is from the series called Make Something Cool Everyday: 2009. I like the way he broke the characteristic of banana peel. From this photograph, the soft banana peel transformed into broken and sharp pieces of glass or ceramic. I love it!!! Just like the title suggested, he did do something interesting on 25.01.2009.

( via Brock Davis )


21 March 2012

dancing (02)

I knew this clip from my favourite movie "Ghost World"
Dance! Dance! Dance!


19 March 2012

casting plan (03)

I finished some trash-making and spent lots of time filing and polishing. I wouldn't say it was 100% successful but I was quite happy with the outcome. Need to carry on the rest of the trash-making!


15 March 2012


Screen-printing bags are for fund-raising for our degree show.
The title is "a rush and a push and the land is ours"
Lindsay's and my drawings appear on the canvas bag today.

Thanks to our AWESOME PR TEAM - Kim, Sander, Linda and Iain to make this happen!!!


12 March 2012

casting plan (02)

Today is the bronze-pouring day. The time in foundry is always pleasant. The dripping, red, liquid bronze always fascinates me. In addition, I enjoy the process of labour works like applying mixture onto the mould or shoveling sand although it makes me tired afterwards. It is just like a sacred ritual in order to get a perfect goal or trophy.

A million thanks to John! Thank you for always being patience and kind and helping me a lot all the time!!!


11 March 2012

rabbit in Brazil wonderland

One picture got selected to show as illustration in a Brazilian magazine --- ffw mag! The sneaky pink rabbit traveled to Brazil in November, 2011.


5 March 2012

casting plan (01)

Got this new idea for sculpture making which is inspired from my first year casting experiment. It was a twisted juice box. I didn't think very much at that time. I was just quite fancy the curvy and twisted lines. Also, the bronze elevate the value of an expendable object. In a way, trash might become treasure.

Continuing this thinking, I come up with this idea to make several bronze sculptures of trash. I hope I can make 5 or 6. Use the characteristic of material to give those objects some new meanings. Considering the time I got, I decide to use materials that can be burned off to cast into bronze directly. After discussing with John, it is not necessary to make the mould because I don't need to duplicate them. This plan sounds feasible and I really hope I can make it work.

The objects I have in mind such as cigarette pack, paper cup, plastic water bottle, polyester box and so on. Need to try several to get some interesting shape and silhouette.


1 March 2012




因為簽證中心的作業系統在我上次去的時候大當機,於是我還得再去一次。這次心情沒有那麼緊張了,因為有種已經熟門熟路的感覺。一如上個禮拜我搭早上十點的火車從愛丁堡出發,預計十一點前抵達格拉斯哥。在火車上,一如往常我選了個有桌子靠窗的位子,當火車停妥在下一站的月台時,在車窗外站著的是家裡附近的咖啡館老闆。那是一家名叫TeaTreeTea的咖啡店,因為在往學校的路上,當我剛來到愛丁堡時,這是我最常去的咖啡店。跟我在私人咖啡店工作過有很大的關聯吧,對於這些獨立的小店總是更有一分情感上的連結。還記得他們在店裡通往地下室樓梯口的角落放著一塊墓碑造型的小黑板,上面寫著"RIP, St. arbucks",我想這是他們對於就開在街角,距離他們約莫十公尺的跨國企業,小小的,幽默的抗議。老闆是一個很隨性的男子,他留著長長微捲的頭髮和大鬍子,波西米亞風味。一年四季他都穿著短褲和運動鞋,配上圍裙,有一種不搭軋的喜感。在我去了約莫三四次之後,當我還站在吧台前猶豫要喝什麼時,老闆大聲的問說"Big americano today as well?" 我心想著老闆認得我了,因為大部份時間我總是選擇美式因為它總是比拿鐵便宜一些,內心暗自害怕老闆該不會察覺到我的摳門了吧,哈哈!於是我說因為被你猜中了,所以我今天要改點拿鐵了。這讓我想起以前上班的時候,遇到常來的客人,都會問說今天也是喝美式嗎?三明治不要加洋蔥對不對?諸如此類的問題。之後的日子裡,就算沒那麼常去店裡喝咖啡了,在上學的路上常常遇到老闆在街角抽菸,看見我都是簡單的一句"Hiya"或是"How are you, mate?"的問候,或是經過店門口望向店裡,在吧台裡的他會跟我揮手或是點點頭,那樣的招呼。喔,我忘了說就在一個多月前,TeaTreeTea關起來了,起先我以為是他們休假或是店裡要重新裝潢才連續幾天都大門深鎖,直到看見房屋仲介的租屋告示架在窗口我才意識店真的收起來了,然後祈禱他們只是搬家而已,只是咖啡店的門窗上沒有任何搬遷的訊息,我好難過。直到今天,隔著車窗我看見了很久不見的老闆,不曉得是不是我自己過分的詮釋和解讀,我覺得老闆看起來有些憔悴和哀傷。第一次看他穿上牛仔褲配上皮靴子,少了圍裙和運動鞋,有些不習慣。上車後他在我斜後方的位子坐了下來,我用眼角餘光看見他在把玩他的iphone。我沒有勇氣上前去跟他打招呼或是問候一番,於是一路來到了格拉斯哥。下車後我尾隨著老闆想看看他來格拉斯哥做些甚麼,希望看見他正在打造另外一家店。但是手長腳長的他在出了車站後就不見蹤影了。這幾天在皮夾裡翻到昔日TeaTreeTea的集點卡,上面有兩個老闆的畫記,於是又讓我又想起了這些有關茶樹茶的種種。