5 March 2012

casting plan (01)

Got this new idea for sculpture making which is inspired from my first year casting experiment. It was a twisted juice box. I didn't think very much at that time. I was just quite fancy the curvy and twisted lines. Also, the bronze elevate the value of an expendable object. In a way, trash might become treasure.

Continuing this thinking, I come up with this idea to make several bronze sculptures of trash. I hope I can make 5 or 6. Use the characteristic of material to give those objects some new meanings. Considering the time I got, I decide to use materials that can be burned off to cast into bronze directly. After discussing with John, it is not necessary to make the mould because I don't need to duplicate them. This plan sounds feasible and I really hope I can make it work.

The objects I have in mind such as cigarette pack, paper cup, plastic water bottle, polyester box and so on. Need to try several to get some interesting shape and silhouette.


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