30 April 2011

my stupidity


27 April 2011

Apartamento #7

Just can't wait the new issue of apartamento!

16 April 2011

Same Old Stuff

This is some pictures from my project space presentation. I am quite happy with what i did, especially with the display of my owls' troop. Also, there were Kim's and Linda's (my lovely colleagues) works with the sad elephant and cook book.

Hope you enjoy!

14 April 2011

little dust

Little dust is a graphic and photography exhibition which I was invited to participate in. It takes place in MR.WU ART SPACE in Taichung, Taiwan from Apr.10 to Apr.29. I want to see it but unfortunately I couldn't make it. However, if you just happen to go there, hope you enjoy :)

And this is the little dust in my little life...

10 April 2011

a song

( 還有那些前仆後繼的天鵝們 )