31 March 2012

model-making fun

Before the degree show in ECA, we have this opportunity to show in the foyer of Talbot Rice Gallery. After discussing for several times, we came up with this idea that dressing-up that space into different foyers. However, it is not that easy to do it in life-size so we decided to make a model of the foyer and each person can arrange his/her own interpretation of foyer. The end product will be prints and video and will show in that space.

Sander built the structure of the whole model which was perfectly made before he went to Japan. Then I helped Lindsay and Despina to do more details and decoration. It's so good to work with them!!!

Some photos of the process :)



  1. wow, will you exhibit in Talbot Rice Gallery? Can't wait to see it!

  2. the show will be in the entrance space on ground floor in Talbot Rice. Honestly i don't have any idea of what i want to do right now, haha!