23 March 2011

very first small one day exhibition

It's a small presentation in project space in ECA.
I will show some prints, one film and installation on this friday, 25 March.
Nervous and exciting at the same time!!!

22 March 2011

Birth of an owl

An experiment about making wax owl.

16 March 2011

bodies are temples

some life drawing practices
i like those curves which shape our bodies.
however i have difficulty to depict faces.
that's why mostly the people in my drawing are anonymous.

old days in a new place

love the music and love the voice
so warm and so friendly

15 March 2011

feel like home

This is a flat facing the castle and on the top floor without elevator. There is a cinema at the right side and stripper bar across the road. The window is huge therefore everything can sneak in such as sunshine, cold air, blue sky or noise and music from drunken people.

Besides furniture, I have some books, plants, music and my trash and treasure. Now, the synthesis of all these make me feel like home.