30 December 2011

Elizabeth Blackadder

During the Christmas and new year holidays, I went to National Gallery to see the exhibition of Scottish painter Elizabeth Blackadder. Honestly, I wasn't very interested in this show at first because of the first impression of the poster. I assumed the painting were only about traditional flower or still life pictures. However I was totally wrong and I was so glad I saw her show. Undoubtedly, she are interested in flowers, plants and animals. Beyond this, she is also attracted by objects like ornaments, souvenirs and commodities.

I am especially fond of her recent works about the things she collects. The composition and the use of colour are attractive to me. The way she composed those objects remind of my way of arranging stuff. Also, the viewing angles and perspectives respond to Cubism to me. Her works are really really interesting to look at. In the exhibition, there were two short films of interview with the artists. The films showed more about her interests, hobbies, working process and her attitude toward art. I enjoyed the show a lot!!!

Here are some paintings and two videos of interview.


I chatted with a friend who works in National Gallery and talked about this exhibition. She had the same thought that the image on the poster was actually not that interesting and attractive. Haha!

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