28 December 2011

semester 1 submission

I printed 5 slightly larger images(but actually still quite small) to put on the wall this time in order to see the effect. In this particular one photograph, I used a small tin box as a plate and put tiny objects on it. That one became more interesting to me when the printed size got enlarged. The small objects like bottle lid or pin transformed into another somehow strange things. It encouraged me to go bigger for sure.

Besides the 2D photographs, I also made an installation for the submission. In order to do my project more conveniently, I brought almost all my objects from home to my studio. At first, they all scattered on my table and locker. When I started to clean up my space for the submission, I thought maybe it was a good idea to place them as a part of my submission(Then I wouldn't be bothered to take them home). Hence I used the drawer I picked up on the street as a container to assemble my objects and tried to respond to my photographs. The height I placed it echoed to the bird's-eye view in my essay as well.

Here are some pictures of my submission.


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