6 May 2012

struggle and comfort

I never stop doubting myself and my works. It is not that easy for me to make sure if my works are good or bad. Are they proper photography works? Are they in the category of contemporary art? Are they boring? Are they attractive? Lots of questions and doubt never end.

Accidentally, I came across my notebook when i used in Taiwan two years ago the other day and i found out that i wrote down some words from Louise Bourgeois. 

'Tell your own story and you'll be interesting.'

Suddenly i felt much better about myself and my works. Although some people say their works are not about their personal life and they are mainly art works. However, in terms of my works, i would say they are all from my personal life and daily experiences. Those pictures and objects i made are symbols of me being a person on earth. Just like the sentence from Bourgeois, i tell my stories by my photographs and other works and i guess i will be interesting anyway.


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