2 May 2012

a garden

I did my Talbot Rice foyer last weekend and get the result afterward. I used three cameras(DSLR, normal 35mm film camera and pinhole camera) to take my pictures. After i got all the images, i was still fond of the outcome of images by films. Here are some frames from my Canon AE-1.

I decided to use the picture i took by pinhole camera for foyer exhibition. I thought it fit my concept more because the characteristics of pinhole camera make a soft and dreamy garden. In addition, the panorama can contain the whole garden i make. Hope it will look good in the foyer in Talbot Rice.


I update my blog after deadline because I really don't have time to put things up before it. The posts before this one were written before deadline and ready to be assessed. I just want to make my blog more complete for my projects and put things up when i have time now and you don't have to assess these new posts.


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