6 February 2012

large format trial

I just tried to get familiar with 4x5 camera before I actually use it in the studio. I spent some time using it to take pictures of my objects with different angle and arrangement. It was really a good experience. I like the format and viewfinder especially.

Special thanks to Patricia and William for your kind help!!!
Thank you guys very much!!!



  1. Hi Boco, I am Ssuhua... nice to find you here.
    Wondering if you can share your light set up on this pic: http://www.flickr.com/photos/yayau/6904063329/in/photostream
    I am doing some print/brochure shooting for my folio and can't figure out the best way to set up the light.
    Thanks in advance. Cheers!

  2. Hello Ssuhua!!! Long time no see. How is everything in Australia?

    Haha i can't share the lighting set up with you of this photo. Because i didn't use any light but ambient light. I took it in my studio space and there is a giant window at the left hand side of the set. I remember it was a cloudy afternoon but the sky was still bright and grey at the same time. It's not direct light and I think it looks like i use a giant softbox. Hope this can help you.

    Hope everything goes well with your folio and i want to see it :D
    Good day!!!

  3. Great! Before I saw your reply I did the similar setting for my folio shoot in a cloudy day as well! Here's the result: http://ssuhua.com/2012/02/csl-annual-review-2011/

    Thanks for the tips! Love the light in your photos! Hope you are doing well on your projects, visa and everything!

  4. Glad that you sort it out! You are so professional!!! I like your website and design works. They are so amazing.

    Thanks a lot! I hope everything will be fine :D