27 January 2012

group tutorial 1

I had my group tutorial on 23.Jan. I am in a new group with Frank, Rima and Keith this semester.

I felt so nervous before the tutorial not only because of the new group but also I was afraid that I couldn't make enough contribution to my peers. It started with my works. We didn't talk about my object project to much. We mainly talked about my owl project and they gave me several direction and comments which were useful. Beyond my imagination, they like the theme of owls' invasion more than the one of group and individual. I always had the idea that the group-and-individual one was more dramatic and interesting to look at but somehow the narrative was too obvious to let the audience generate imagination. Comparing with this, the owls' invasion was more open and mysterious at the same time. They also provided me with different thought and direction such as trying different scales, colours or shapes of owls.  Also, I also could try another composition to reveal more surroundings if I had already got many close-up photos and people would automatically recognise them although they might be very small in the photos. The most important thing was to create a flow and movement between each image. We also discussed the technical aspect such as using pinpoint flash to light up those owls and still got the darkness around and the feeling of night. Another difficulty for me was the title. I am always bad at naming.

Besides the feedback for me, it was even more interesting for me to see other's works. Rima talked about her idea for project space. Keith and Frank spent some time explaining their concepts and the process of their projects. Their works are very conceptual in a way but still involve with lots of photography skills like studio lighting and enlarging which I lack. It was very inspiring!


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