9 April 2012

work in progress - 4 x 5 final step

Finally, I started to use 4x5 camera to take photographs. After thinking for a while and discussing with our technician Andrew, he suggested that I should still use ambient light rather than studio lighting because the artificial light will make my objects look like commercial products which is not my expectation at all. Therefore I booked the photography project space to do my photo shoot. 

This space is my dream studio! Big window facing the north which means I won't get direct sunlight and the whole space becomes like a enormous soft box. There is another window on the ceiling as well and it even makes the room brighter. In terms of the space, the giant window, high ceiling and wide wall spaces make it a fantastic studio. Also the castle view is another bonus. Honestly I can move in and stay here all the time. I feel so lucky to work here!!! 

Thanks a lot to Andrew for the solution of taking pictures from bird's eye view with large format camera. It really works very well. I also need to thank casting John(my hero) for lending me the band for casting so the tripod can be attached tight onto the table and make the whole system work.

I hope I can finish all the pictures by Thursday and get them developed by Friday. Everything comes into place gradually, HOORAY!


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