17 April 2012

new thought

I don't know why this situation always happens to me. The idea comes to me when i am super busy. WHY??? However, having new idea isn't a bad thing anyway and i always can carry on in the future.

I got several boxes of slides in the flee market and recently i found small projectors in the car boot sale. The experience is completely different to view those slides directly and see through a proper projector. I am amazed by light and colour and of course images themselves. Apart from landscape pictures, i especially love those family photos on the road and journey. Every single image is so touching and makes me feel nostalgic. Their life and personality suddenly appear in the space and tell some intimate stories to me.

My plan is to combine the projection with the domestic environment. I don't have a crystal clear idea or goal to achieve right now but i think i can discover more through trial. The outcome will be very intimate and cosy in my vision.


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