15 February 2012

Lisa Milroy

Some painting from a Canadian painter, Lisa Milroy. Jon recommended her works to me. I checked out her website and found out that her paintings were about objects, interior and people. I especially like her works about objects in 80s and 90s. Although they are very simple in a way, sometimes are repetition of objects, I still quite enjoy the minimalism, elegance and taste of life conveying by her paintings. 

Her works also give me another way of thinking about repetition and composition. I also got objects like utensil, bottle cap and matches can do this kind more pattern-like arrangement which I never think of. I will try to work with this composing method for sure.

Thank you very much, Jon!

Fans, 1986

Light Bulbs, 1988

Fruit And Vegetables, 1999

Shoes, 1987

Plates, 1992



  1. thank u so much your photos have helped me find some pics for my gcse homework!!! thank u!!!

  2. What was fuits and vegetables painted with??

  3. is this with water colors ,acrylics ect

  4. they are painted with oil paint :)